The Keeper Book by Paul Gordon - Books (15948)

The Keeper is an extremely versatile, useful and exciting (fairly) easy to do utilitarian card sleight. It's the brainchild of John Quine and was introduced to the magic fraternity by Tom Craven. Readers of popular magic magazines will know it from various routines in Harry Lorayne's Apocalypse where it caused - rightly - a buzz and a stir in the magic world.

Tom Craven wrote two booklets on The Keeper (both updated, edited etc in this book) and also contributed keeper effects to The Minotaur and Precursor. This book - The Keeper Card Book - details nearly all those routines plus a whole bunch of exciting new and previously unpublished material by both Tom Craven and Paul Gordon.

The magic in this book is not pie in the sky stuff. It's all doable, practical, magical, entertaining and - to be quite frank - darned mystifying. In other words - you'll use it! The Keeper Card Book features "Beam's Favourite"; so titled because it is a favourite of Steve Beam!

Perfect bound paperback, full-colour cover - 80 pages and 30 exciting card tricks from Tom Craven & Paul Gordon.

"Within The Keeper Card Book you will find some great magician foolers as well as some fine lay-audience tricks. This book is definitely a "keeper."
- Peter Duffie
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